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Towards the New Horizon

We are now on the Way towards the Advent of the Supramental Race on earth.

This earth is known to be a field of Evolution. According to Darwin , man is the consequence of an evolution, and evolution is the history of life on earth. But Darwin has stated nothing with reference to evolution after the appearance of Man — Homo Neanderthal or of Homo Sapiens at the latest. He told us nothing about further evolution after the appearance of man on earth, or even about the purpose of the human evolution. And his view was a scientific truth, limited to the epistemology of Science. Science finds the Truth, which is but only a partial aspect of the whole Truth; it does not go beyond the senses, beyond the apparent, even with the help of logic. It’s bases are the experiences of the senses.
Reason and logic are the means of finding Truth, but they are not the only means or the whole of the means. An integral seeker of the complete Truth, a true student of Philosophy, realizes this. There are other means.

Sri Aurobindo has said:

There are two allied powers in man : knowledge and Wisdom. Knowledge is so much of the Truth, seen in a distorted medium, as the mind arrives at by groping; Wisdom what the eye of the divine vision sees in the spirit.
Late, I learned that when reason died, then Wisdom was born; before that liberation, I had only knowledge.


Science, as well as the human commonsense, has not seen beyond the mortal imperfect Man. However, is man the final word in Evolution, in the entire Manifestation in Nature on earth? Has Nature remained satisfied having reached through Evolution at some entity such as a human being, who is so incomplete, imperfect, ignorant and incapable? How can he be the last thing? Of course, the humankind has many lofty and high aspirations, Dreams and Hopes! Will they fail?

Man has to strive towards Perfection.
Man has to know himself and transcend himself.
Out of man, the superman shall emerge.

That is the goal of this Manifestation, as it has been said by Sri Aurobindo and The Mother[Mira Alfassa].

That is purpose and goal of Evolution, of onward movement of the Supernature. That is the reason why men will have to evolve further beyond Homo Neanderthal, beyond Homo Sapiens. Man has to go beyond the limits of mind and reason, of life and impulses, and scale newer and higher heights of Consciousness and ascend the Superconscient planes and then the Supramental Consciousness, and realise his Dreams and Hopes, by bringing in the supramental race upon earth!

That is purpose and goal of Evolution, of onward movement of the Supernature. That is the reason why men will have to evolve further beyond Homo Neanderthal, beyond Homo Sapiens. Man has to go beyond the limits of mind and reason, of life and impulses, and scale newer and higher heights of Consciousness and ascend the Superconscient planes and then the Supramental Consciousness, and realise his Dreams and Hopes, by bringing in the supramental race upon earth!


The Mother has said in this connection :

There is an ascending evolution in nature which goes from stone to the plant, from the plant to the animal, from the animal to man. Because man is, for the moment, the last rung at the summit of ascending evolution, he considers himself as the final stage in ascension and believes there can be nothing on earth superior to him. In that he is mistaken. In his physical nature he is yet almost wholly an animal, a thinking and speaking animal, but still an animal in his material habits and instincts. Undoubtedly, nature cannot be satisfied with such an imperfect result ; she endeavours to bring out a being who will be to man what man is to the animal, a being who will be a man in the external form, and whose consciousness will rise far above the mental and its slavery to ignorance.

These further steps beyond man, for transcending the limits of ignorance in man, for the advent of the supramental race is the next evolution.


The Task before is to change the world.

But why? And how?


Some fifty thousand to more than a million years back, the early human beings started their journey on earth, definitely with hopes for Joy and Bliss, for satisfaction and fulfilment, for conquering diseases and Death, with inquisition and thirst for knowledge in their eyes and their fresh undisturbed intelligence. They marched onwards and created civilizations and cultures, created Arts and Literature and Poetry and Music, created the Society and all the social norms and rules and paraphernalia. Even they tried to solve all the problems and difficulties of life.

But in their attempts for doing so, they now find themselves in a world, which they have almost completely spoiled. Now, men and women and their world are ruled and conquered by darkness and ignorance, by sorrows and sufferings, by chaos and disorder, by battles and warfare and destructions, genocides and mass-murders, by incurable mental and physical ailments and diseases and untimely deaths, in spite of all their wisdom and knowledge, all their feasts and festivals and parties and merry-makings, all the assortments and arrangements of enjoyment and pleasure, in spite of all their prosperities and riches, in spite of all their medical and scientific researches and discoveries and preparations, in spite of all religions and worships, in spite of all their peace talks and preaching of Ahimsa or non-violence, in spite of all their civilizations and progresses. Mankind has lost all their hopes and aspirations, all their spontaneous inborn simplicity and clarity and peace.

So, we have to change the world.

And how:

We will change the world, never by preaching this and that religion. They are already fighting against each other for centuries. I do not mean to attack any religion; Persons who represented the Supreme Consciousness initiated them all. But we have added so much of falsehood, doubts, hatred, clashes and even bloodsheds into them, that they can seldom lead us to our Goal.

We will bring the change never by political changes and revolutions, by change of Governments or creating League of Nations or commonwealths or UNOs, however noble and lofty may be the Ideas behind.

We will make the change, never by changing external activities or forms of society or of life, not by keeping or shaving beards or hairs, not by changing dresses, not by changing political parties or social groups, or by changing religions. Never can we reach the Goal by trying to change others in a prototype, as the some have tried and failed.

We are to change ourselves, first.

Each of us is to change himself or herself.

If we prescribe to find the Ego and hunt it, and we really then go after the Ego, we will NEVER find it. Within there is Darkness, and the Ego is reigning there. While going after Ego, we will be lost in the Darkness. We shall follow the Light. We shall seek and find the Light within.

But before taking up the issue, I should clear some misconceptions, which are misleading and aiming to mislead.

The change is not easy. The change I am speaking of is not easy. Had it been so, it would not have been delayed by 50,000 years. All the religions, all the lofty social endeavours, including the French revolution or the Marxist revolution in Russia, have failed to change the human nature from what it is practically and what it should be. That is because the matter is very difficult. Why difficult? Because we are insincere, egoistic, driven intolerance and hatred and animal enmity and anger, and above all we fail to know and understand Truth in its entirety.


Of this change, Sri Aurobindo says:

To raise the world to God in deathless Light,
To bring God down to the world on earth we came,
To change the earthly life to life divine.
[ Savitri ]

He says of the end of Death :

Even there shall come as a high crown of all
The end of Death, the death of ignorance.
[ Savitri ]


Sri Aurobindo is Himself the Adventure of Consciousness, as described by Satprem, a disciple. And if one aspires and endeavours to follow the Light and the Words of
Sri Aurobindo and The Mother [Mira Alfassa]and is inspired by Them and walks through the Way trodden by Them, one has to grow up as a sort of adventurer of Consciousness, a seeker of Truth. This is an Understanding, a Light that comes from above and grows within, more and more intuitively and yet satisfying all claims Reason, even surpassing the limits of Reason, the failures and falls of Reason. Following Sri Aurobindo and The Mother is not a religion, not any worship or puja, not a dogma, not a way of creating another group or any group. The Teaching of Sri Aurobindo is a clear and open Truth, universal and worldwide and limitless, accepting and acceptable to all human beings on earth for surpassing all their imperfections and limitations, for surpassing all difficulties and deficiencies and divisions, for surpassing darkness and death. The aim of this Adventure, the journey through the Unknown and the New was and is to reach The New Horizon, The New World, the Eternal Dawn of the Supramental World. We the human beings have to evolve into a New Race, surpassing all our human and animal limitations and imperfections and inconscience and ignorance and incapacities.

Let us aspire for marching, along with others, Towards The New Horizon, The New World. Hence, let us collect all that is luminous and golden in the fruitage of our journey through all the past millennia so far, since the beginning of the human journey, and march towards The New Horizon. It is not that we will leave this world and go elsewhere to find another planet in search of the New World. We are not to retire into some lonely forests or mountains or island. We will change this world. We see that this world, as it is now, is in an extremely bad state of affairs. Falsehood, hatred, selfishness, corruption, greed, deception, violence, cruelty, inhumanity, and greed for power and wealth - these appear to be the ruling forces now. All the noble Ideals or Ideas that sometimes prevailed on earth and inspired many of our noble ancients or our forefathers, are, as it were, lost. Look at history and the present day earth: ideologically, and in consciousness, men seem to have lost their height and depth. The entire human society is sitting on a heap of bombs. In Arts and culture and relationship, vulgarity has almost been ruling in place of beauty and love and fellow feeling. In the name of religion, the people fight each other, taking themselves farther away from the Divine, from spirituality. We may live for a definite purpose, higher than ordinary, which will bring us more fulfilment, more joy. The higher our purpose, the greater is the joy and fulfilment. The higher the Consciousness we aspire for and the wider your consciousness, our life then becomes more purposeful, the greater is then our joy. We may direct our endeavor, our way of life, towards limited personal happiness and satisfaction, or towards a greater and wider Joy and fulfilment, along with and for others, maybe along with the whole of mankind, for the entire mankind, towards the higher values of Truth, Light, Wisdom, Beauty, Creativity, Goodness, Love, Wideness, Harmony and Peace, Total Well-being. Our journey is Towards The New Horizon.


Sri Aurobindo is the Pioneer to declare that the humanity must go beyond itself, that Man must evolve beyond himself towards supermanhood, towards becoming the supramental beings. That is the Will of the Divine, that is the design of Nature, of what He has termed as Supernature.

Sri Aurobindo has said :

Our evolution in the Ignorance with its checkered joy and pain of self-discovery and world-discovery, its half fulfilments, its constant finding and missing, is only our first state. It must lead inevitably towards an evolution in the Knowledge, a self finding and self-unfolding of the Spirit, a self-revelation of the Divinity in things in that true power of itself in Nature which is to us still a Supernature.

The Mother has said :

A new consciousness is at work upon earth to prepare the coming of the superhuman being. Open yourself to this consciousness if you aspire to serve the Divine Work.To come into contact with this new consciousness, the essential condition is no longer to have any desires and to be wholly sincere.

Further, The Mother has also said:

To leap into the new consciousness, the first condition is a mental modesty sufficient to be convinced that all one thinks one knows is nothing in comparison with what remains to be learned. All that one has learned externally must be only a foothold enabling one to rise towards higher knowledge.

Hence, let us aspire for and dream of marching Towards The New Horizon, The New World. My idea is not only to dream or be a visionary, but to spread this dream, this vision, this aspiration, and the bases of this philosophical and spiritual understanding given to us, throughout the people around the world, through my Blogs and Websites, including my website The New Horizon. I hope the Light and Teaching of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother will inspire the people and change their attitude and approach, so that the Society can grow and march Towards The New Horizon, The New World.

[Simultaneously published by me, in barinchaki.sulekha.com with some adaptation, in the Community Towards the New Horizon in Orkut ]

Barin Chaki


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